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Why Do Millennials Hate Sleep?

Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) have seemed to adopt the “sleep when you’re dead” mantra. Being a millennial and a doctor, my reunions with friends are often centred around how much we’ve been working and just how little we’ve been sleeping. It is now considered the ultimate marker of success to be perpetually tired.

As a highly sensitive person, I cannot subscribe to that ideal but I understand it… I think. With the downward spiraling economy, we feel like we’re playing catch up with the boomers. So often I hear my age-mates comparing themselves to their parents’ achievements at our age. “At my age, my parents had good stable jobs with pension, a house and two children in good schools and I, well, I have a Kindle account in my own name!”

We feel like gross underachievers. This despite the fact that many of us are educated at the highest levels – PhDs long before our 30s. As such, we feel the need to work harder and work more. We aim for 7 sources of income, many of which end up being time-consuming while our parents survived on one. (Yes, single income households were a thing.) There is no time for sleep!

To further confound the matter, we battle burnout with distractions in the form of constant partying and other social interactions in the little free time we create. This work-play balance is already so delicate, how can we possibly introduce a third factor – good sleep. Sleep is an afterthought for many millennials – a forced inconvenience really. Many use excessive caffeine and even resort to illicit substances to stem their need for sleep.

I know you hear them – yep, the warning bells going off just reading that. This cannot be safe and it isn’t. All the studies point to sleep being essential for our physical, emotional and mental health – preservation of life itself.

So how can we strike a balance? It requires good organisational skills and the willingness to follow a schedule. Many think of the strict limitations of school schedules and resent even the word.

But a good schedule can bring us such freedom.

Stay tuned for some tips on how to Sleep with Shem, Platonically of course!

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3 thoughts on “Why Do Millennials Hate Sleep?

  1. Well said. This one was thought provoking. I love sleep but I have been force to look at it negatively because our work deems it as being unproductive. Even if we as millennials stopped comparing ourselves to our parents, our parents can’t help to compare and I’m not sure they can truly understand our burdens and how difficult it is to live in these times.

  2. Spot on! Battling this issue right now! My husband says I need to organize my time better and I know it’s true but that’s also a challenge.

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